Peabody community in search of missing man

PEABODY, Kansas – – The community of Peabody is still hoping to find a missing man, who police say needs medical attention.

57-year-old Gale Ralph Keilman walked away from the Alzheimer’s unit at a Peabody nursing facility Monday night.

Peabody police chief Bruce Burke says dozens of crews from several communities searched from the air and the ground until dark Wednesday night hoping to find Keilman.

“We’ve covered spring creek, doyle creek and the railroad rightaways,” said Burke.

Burke says Keilman doesn’t speak and communicates by writing notes on paper.

“He has health and mental issues and we need to find him to get him the proper health and attention he needs,” said Burke.

Members of the community and emergency crews from several nearby towns have come out to search the rural areas.

“We’re stopping at all the culverts, bridges, farmsteads, anything where he could possibly be laid down at,” said Mark Slater, firefighter with the Florence Fire Department.

The hope being to find any sign of Keilman.

“I’m using my thermal imaging camera that we use in fires, to see if we can find him,” said Slater.

Burke says Keilman poses no threat to the community and says their priority is his well-being.

“First and foremost in our mind his his health and well-being,” said Burke.

By the end of the day, the search had spanned 182 square miles.

Search crews have wrapped up for the evening.

If you’ve seen Keilman, you are urged to call the Peabody Police Department at 620-983-2133.


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