Abused dog with no nose taken in by Florida animal rescue

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (WFLA) — A 2-year-old pit bull mix with no nasal cavity is undergoing treatment thanks to a St. Petersburg rescue organization, Passion 4 Pits, after being found abandoned in Orange County. Despite the trauma it’s believed that “Khalessi” endured, she is in good spirits, the organization says.

Khalessi weighs only 20 pounds. In addition to having no nasal cavity, she’s also missing part of her upper jaw due to a past trauma, according to Passion 4 Pits. She has old fractures to her pelvis and limited use of her rear legs. A crowdfunding page has been set up to help raise money for several surgeries, dental work due to exposed roots, and therapy she will need. The YouCaring page has already raised more than $42,000 thanks to Khalessi’s story getting some national attention.

Click here to see more photos of Khalessi(Facebook/Passion 4 Pits Rescue)

PHOTOS: See more pictures of Khalessi from Passion 4 Pits here

Passion 4 Pits says Khalessi was found dumped in a yard in Orange County on August 8. Orange County Animal Services called Passion 4 Pits in St. Petersburg, which took her in. For now, she will be staying with the founder of the organization or at another foster home while she undergoes treatment at Hays Town Vet Hospital in Hudson. She’s not up for adoption at this time.

The vet believes that Khalessi’s injuries were caused intentionally, and not a birth defect. The rescue says that Khalessi is uncomfortable, but is not in pain, so it’s worth it for her to undergo treatment. They write on Facebook she has “an amazing spirit, she is one of the most happy go lucky dogs and full of spunk.” You can follow Khalessi on her Facebook page here.

Khalessi will likely undergo surgery next week.

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