Back to School Bash helps families with basic school supplies

Back to school.

WICHITA, Kansas – Free backpacks, haircuts and hairstyles were given to hundreds of kids Sunday afternoon.

Two churches teamed up to give back to the community.

KSN talked to a couple of families who attended the Back to School Bash to find out what they thought about the event.

A lot of families said they were grateful for what Delrose United Methodist Church and University Congregational Church put together.

One mother believes the state school budget cuts are affecting students in the classroom and events like this help make up for it.

“When we cut out some of those preventative programs and things like that, it has an impact on everyone,” said Monique Bell.

Bell is grateful for events like this because she believes school budget cuts are affecting families and teachers.

“I think teachers feel like they have to teach and do all these different things.” Said Bell. “It’s hard when you have kids coming to school that don’t have their basic needs met.”

But those basic needs were met when Delrose United Methodist and University Congregational gave out 300 free backpacks and haircuts.

Jermain Owens was the Back to School Bash organizer at Delrose United Methodist Church.
“We realize its children out there who are less fortunate and can’t get these supplies” said Owens. “So we just want to be able to give back and education is big.”

One of those receiving a free backpack was Courtney Harper.

“It’s really nice that we’re getting backpacks, free haircuts and flat irons, so my mom doesn’t have to use all of her money up.”

Organizers say they not only want to help their church members, but the community as well.

One family says they would have sent their kids to school with no supplies were it not for the event.

Danny Conley, a father of three, said money in his household is tight.

“This year it was like, pay the electric bill and lose the AC, or what can we do to see what’s out there, because right now we were just stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Organizers say the backpacks were gone before the event ended.

They didn’t turn anyone away, but they are talking about passing out 500 backpacks for next year’s event.

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