WWII Veteran throws out first pitch at Wingnuts game

WICHITA, Kansas – There is a saying that you’re never too old to live your dream.

For a World War II veteran, that saying came true Monday night, as he threw out the first pitch at the Wingnuts game.

90-year-old Loyd Brewer enlisted in the Marines in 1943, during World War II, seeing battle in Iwo Jima in Japans.

Brewer spent 33 days there, and unlike many of his band of brothers, he returned home alive.

However, recently he mentioned to his Activities Director at the Schowalter Villa, the one thing he always wanted to do was to play professional baseball.

It’s a dream that came true this evening.

Brewer was taken onto the field with a motorcycle, surrounded by an applause that echoed through Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

He stood just in front of the pitcher’s mound, throwing a perfect strike to the catcher behind home plate.

If you ask Brewer, he was somewhat happy with his pitch.

“Well, pretty good, could do better,” said Brewer.

The Wingnuts gave him the full treatment, allowing him to speak with the coaches and even hand out the line-up card to the umpires.

The umpires presented Brewer with a game ball that was going to be used during tonight’s game, much to his excitement.

Brewer’s Daughter-In-Law, Margaret Brewer said it was a special moment to see him live out his boyhood dream.

“It’s very special and just the fact that somebody went above and beyond their job as a social worker to get this to happen for him, that is a special part of it too,” said Margaret Brewer.

Brewer adds it was great to see such a special reception for her loved one.

“I think everybody was thrilled to see him and as we were walking up people were stopping thanking him for his service,” said Margaret Brewer.

“Yeah that’s really nice, really appreciate it,” added Loyd Brewer.

After getting to visit with coaches and players before the game, Loyd got to stick around and watch as the Wingnuts fell to the Joplin Blasters, 4-2.

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