WSU students express safety concerns

WICHITA, Kansas — Although police stress that the WSU shooting Saturday was not random, some students are concerned about safety after learning of the attack.

KSN talked to students and staff on Monday and got two different opinions about safety, depending on who you talked to.

Many students we talked to — who live on and off campus expressed concern about their safety.

Khondoker Usama, student body vice president says that a lot of students have reached out to him and are scared and shocked by the tragic death of one of their own.

Usama said he believes there needs to be more patrols and lighting, especially around the Fairmount Towers.

Wichita State University administration says the campus is safe – even safer than many others.

Lou Heldman, a spokesperson for the university, said the parking lots are well lit and the university installed a gate in front of the Fairmount Towers last year.

He says this actually helped in the investigation of this crime.

“One of the things that helped the police was they were able to check the record and learn when the gate was open and that helped narrow down the time of the crime,” said Heldman.

Heldman did discuss some of the things the school is doing going forward to continue to make the campus a safe place. We’ll have that coming up tonight on KSN News at 10.

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