Victim identified, two arrested in shooting at Wichita State University

Isaiah Copridge
Isaiah Copridge

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police say they arrested two people on Sunday, in a shooting that happened on the Wichita State University campus.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Fairmount Towers Housing around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police say Rayan Ibrahim Baba was the victim in the homicide. He was shot several times and died at the hospital.

The two arrested are 23-year-old Isaiah D. Copridge and 19-year-old Eboni A. Fingal. They are both facing charges of murder and manslaughter.

Police say this was not a random act of violence, and the victim planned to meet with Copridge and Fingal at his dorm.

Wichita Chief Deputy Hassan Razmah said Baba knew the two suspects, but didn’t get into the specifics of their relationship.

They were arrested Sunday.

“They were found approximately 4:30 in the afternoon and investigators developed probable cause to book both of these individuals for felony murder in this case,” Razmah said.

Razmah said the investigation itself led to the arrest in the case, and it involved follow up by the Wichita Police Department and WSU Police Department.

“Looking at a variety of different evidence found on scene and again, working very closely with using some of the information that were provided by individuals during interviews that were acquainted with our victim,” said Razmah.

WSU Police Department Chief Sarah Morris says this is an isolated incident.

“This type of incident could occur anywhere in the city or anywhere in front of somebody’s house. At any place, it’s just unfortunately occurred at Wichita State University,” Morris said.

She wants students to know, despite the shooting, campus is a safe place.

“That’s hard to do because it’s a perception of crime that law enforcement agencies are constantly battling, a perception of crime verses reality,” said Morris.

It is the first on-campus murder at Wichita State University in more than 20 years.

Morris says WSU does not plan to change security or add extra patrol units at this time.


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