Parents scramble to get their hands on back to school deals

WICHITA, Kansas – With school just around the corner, some parents are scrambling to get their hands on last-minute items and the best deals.

KSN went armed with a list of essentials for a 5th grader in USD 259. The list says they need a calculator, Crayola crayons and markers, Elmer’s glue, notebook paper, a ruler, scissors, a 70 page notebook, pencils, watercolors, a backpack, and three boxes of tissues.

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This photo shows some of the common school supplies a 5th grader in USD 259 needs for class. (KSN Photo)

Our stops shopping included Dollar General, Target and Wal-Mart.  On many of the essentials, the prices weren’t all that different between the three. Calculators came in at around $1, crayons at 50 cents across the board, markers were also about a $1. Shoppers say that doesn’t come as a surprise to them.

“No, because I think they have to draw customers into their stores, and they’re going to bargain shop themselves and see what the best prices are and price their stuff based on other stores,” said Amber Pyatt, shopper.

While things stay pretty consistent across the board for these big name retailers, there was one big difference.

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“The backpacks alone are more expensive than all of the stuff at Dollar General.”

That’s the big price disparity. At Wal-Mart, the cheapest one was $6.88. At Dollar General, a backpack ran about $8 and at Target $13.49. That is not surprising to shopper Debbie.

“I would say backpacks.”

She knows exactly why. You pay for what you get.

“I try to find a good sturdy backpack so that they don’t, you know, split open the first week of school, and then I have to replace it again.”

Overall where is the best deal. It might be to drive from store to store, to hit all the sales, but if you want to get all your shopping done at one place: Wal-Mart comes in at $21.19. Dollar General came in as a close second with $22.75 Target rang in at $31.85.

Both Target and Wal-Mart say they have the price matching for many items. Office Depot also offers price matching for many of their items.

Back to School Supplies

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