Man’s order at McDonald’s drive-thru goes viral

HATTIESBURG, Mississippi (WDAM) – A Hattiesburg, Mississippi man’s decision to put a musical twist on his drive-thru window order has gone viral.

Chase Carter used his silky smooth voice to sing his order through the speaker at McDonald’s.

He says his friend Michael Sykes encouraged him to try singing his order and recorded the video.

Carter said he and Sykes came up with the opening line before ordering, but free-styled the rest of the order.

“We were really ordering food, but that’s how we went from there, just basically singing the order,” Carter said.

His improvised lyrics are hysterical, even making the employee giggle a few times.

“Even the girls working at the drive thru went along with it,” Carter said. “I mean, they were shocked to hear somebody do it, and they weren’t upset about it. So I kept going with it.”


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