Teen placed on sex offender registry after using dating app

ELKHART, Indiana — An Indiana teen is now on the sex offender registry all for using a dating app.

Nineteen-year old Zach Anderson from Elkhart says he used the app “Hot or Not.” Through the racy dating app, he met a girl and had sex with her. However, the girl was not as old as she said she was.

Anderson spoke to CNN about the ordeal.

“It’s like I’m an outcast from society with all these things that I have put on me,” said Anderson.

Anderson said the girl told him she was 17. It turned out the girl was actually 14.

According to Anderson, the sex was consensual. By law, Anderson committed a sex crime, so he was arrested and convicted.

His parents are outraged. The girl admitted that she lied and her mother even told a judge she did not believe Anderson belonged on the sex offender list.

Now, he can’t go to the mall, the park or even live in his parents’ home because as he has a 15 year old brother.

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