Larned St. Hospital Hit by Budget Cuts Again

LARNED, Kansas- The Meyer building at Larned State Hospital will have it’s opening delayed by another six months, after it had already been delayed by a year. The state says that this delay will save $500,000 dollars.

The Meyer Building will be used to house aging sexual predators when it opens. The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services released this statement to KSN:

“Renovations on the Meyer Building at Larned State Hospital are complete. The element of KDADS’ budget reductions announced yesterday is a $500,000 savings that we will be able to achieve by delaying the opening of half of the Meyer Building at Larned State Hospital from January, 2016 to July, 2016. The Meyer expansion was and is planned to house residents of the Sexual Predator Treatment Program, not one of the psychiatric units.

As Secretary Sullivan said, these savings would come from operational expenditures that would not have to be made during the six-month delay. Current census trends indicate those beds will not be needed until next summer.”

Local leaders in Larned says the hospital is an essential part to their community. They say while they wish that Larned State Hospital will hire more people they are glad that no cuts to employees will be made.

“This cut is a cut of growth, I know they would want to add more jobs but so if they pull back you know with staffing not being full now there could be a certain level of cuts to maintain workforce but really with patients out there at a 24/7 facility you can’t really reduce staffing,” said William Nusser the Mayor of Larned.

The Meyer Building is now expected to open in July 2016.

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