EMS: Pedestrians wearing earbuds involved in accidents not uncommon

WICHITA, Kansas – A woman died Friday morning after being hit by a train.

It happened near 31st Street and K-15. Officers say she was walking near the tracks. As the train came up behind her, the conductor tried to warn her with a whistle, but police say the 39-year-old woman was wearing earbuds and apparently didn’t hear the warning. She died at the scene.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of accidents involving pedestrians wearing earbuds.

We went to Sedgwick County EMS to talk about concerns. They say it’s not uncommon to learn in accidents involving walkers or joggers being hit by cars, that the individual was wearing earbuds.

They don’t keep track of the numbers, but say it happens more in the summer time. They say having your music too loud or not paying attention to your surroundings can be dangerous.

“It can be potentially life threatening. Just be vigilant of what’s around you,” said Sedgwick County EMS Division Leader Kevin Lanterman. “Make sure, even if you have earbuds on, maybe you don’t turn them up as high. Maybe you take an extra second when you’re around intersections.”

Officials say it’s a good reminder for drivers to be aware on the roads.

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