Dramatic moments show rescues of kids left in hot cars

Temperatures in hot cars can climb more than 20 degrees in just a few minutes. (NBC Graphic)

NEW YORK, NY –We are seeing some startling moments of crisis.

As temperatures soar across the country, several scary incidents involving children being left locked in hot cars are making the news.

The latest: in New Jersey, where bystanders and police rescued a child, then confronted the mother as cameras were rolling.

By the time a New Jersey police officer broke into the car, the two year old was drenched in sweat and crying hysterically.

His mother returned with a full grocery cart and her other child.

The toddler is okay while the mother has been charged with child endangerment.  She says she left her son because he was sleeping.

Meanwhile, the minivan turned into a furnace.

The temperature in a car can shoot up twenty degrees in just ten minutes.  Yet somehow, not all parents are getting the message.

In Oklahoma Tuesday, Hannah Secondi says she left her one year old in the car for 45 minutes.  Secondi’s baby is fine but she was charged with child abuse…

Oklahoma is one of 19 states with laws against leaving children unattended in cars.  There are four states so far that protect good Samaritans who break into cars.  But there is a push to do even more.

There’s already new technology to help deal with that issue.  A car seat built with an alarm that sounds when the ignition is turned off, even apps on our smart phones.

To some it may seem obvious:  Who needs alarms? Who doesn’t now know that a car gets hot? For now the answer still is ” a lot of us”

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