Citizens gather in Old Town to protest county budget cuts

Sedgwick County residents gather in Old Town Square on July 31, 2015 to protest cuts to the Sedgwick County budget (KSN photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – At least one-hundred people showed up to rally against Sedgwick County’s budget Friday.

The current budget proposal calls for $27 million in cuts, including money for the arts.

That’s why the group “Quit the Cuts” held a rally in Old Town Square.

The group wants to bring awareness to the great talent Sedgwick County has to offer, and why it should be saved from the county’s budget axe.

One of those on hand for the rally was artist Ranal Young.

“Art is one of those things you don’t always see a direct correlation, but its about quality of life and I think art inspires us and motivates us and makes our lives better in ways,” said Young.  “That many people take for granted.”

Representatives from a number of organizations were at the rally to make their voices be heard in opposition to the county’s budget cuts.

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