St Rose Updating Health Care Center

GREAT BEND, Kansas- St. Rose Health Center is working to keep their rural hospital on the cutting edge of technology. The building remodel is almost finished but that’s not all they’re updating.

“Because this particular environment is much more efficient to the direct patient care but also it’s much more efficient financially,” said Mark Mingenback.

On the technology side, they’re rolling out a new app, and a new MRI machine.

St. Rose’s new MRI machine is a short board MRI, it’s a third shorter than regular MRI’s and it prevents people from feeling claustrophobic in the machine.

“Claustrophobia concerns of the past are minimized but the high quality of the images continues to be outstanding,” said Mingenback.

The app gives information on St. Rose and also an updated wait time for the walk in clinic. The remodel and updates to the facility have taken a while but officials with St. Rose say it’s work it to improve patient care.

“We do feel like this enhances the continuity and the quality of our healthcare, we’ve actually recently recruited new providers that allow us more depth in allowing people to get in sooner.”

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