Cadet’s mission: Ask Taylor Swift to the ball

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KOAA) – A music video created by an Air Force Academy cadet is going viral, attracting thousands of views, but Cadet Brett Hagen wants just one person to see it.

He made the video to ask superstar celebrity Taylor Swift the Academy Ring Ball.

“All the people at the Air Force Academy here loves Taylor Swift and loves her music, and I think she’s a great role mode,” said Hagen

Like a true military man he formed a strategy. He says the video had to be really good to get Taylor Swift to see it and consider his request.

“All the writing, all the lyrics I wrote myself,” said Hagen, “I was just on Operational Air Force in Louisiana. I just sat down and started writing the lyrics.”

He asked friends with professional video experience to help with the video and editing.

The ball is next May. Asking ten months early is also part of the plan “Taylor Swift is kind of a busy celebrity. If she does say yes, she has time to free up here schedule with here 1989 World Tour going on.”

Hagen says it would be a personal thrill if Swift will go to the Ring Ball with him. As much as for himself he says it would be great for someone with Swift’s star power to see what all the cadets do at the Air Force Academy.

Click HERE to see the music video.

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