Potty training triggers beating

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) – An Austin, Texas man is behind bars after police say he hit his child, causing critical injuries, after the 20-month-old girl had an accident on the living room floor.

U.S. Marshals took 27-year-old Bryant Keith Davis into custody Tuesday after his 20-month-old girl needed to be revived following cardiac arrest related to severe bodily injury.

The child was found in a severe state with 16 rib fractures, liver and spleen lacerations, a possible collapsed lung, facial bruising and a brain bleed, according to an official Austin Police Department warrant.

Experts with Center for Child Protection said issues with teaching children how to use the bathroom is one of the largest causes for child abuse.

“I think it’s horrifying for the child not only today, but for their future,” said Amanda Van Hoozer, Director of Program Services with the Center for Child Protection. “What’s going to happen to this kid? How is this kiddo going to be effected by what has happened?”

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