NASA may have found a new Earth

Artists rendition of Kepler-452B, the closest Earth-like planet discovered so far (NASA image via NBC News)

WASHINGTON, DC –  A NASA spacecraft that has been roaming the galaxy looking for another planet that looks like Earth has found the best match yet.

This planet is 1,400 light years from Earth, and like Earth, orbits and gets its energy from a star,.

Its temperature is the same as Earth, and there’s a good enough chance of matching our planet’s rocky mass as well as life-forming water.

“It makes me feel like there really is a solar system like our solar system out there, there really is another Earth out there, there’s an Earth 2.0,” says NASA Associate Administrator John Grunsfeld.

Kepler-452B, as the planet is officially known, is 60-percent larger than Earth, has twice the gravity and is the closest NASA has ever come to finding a planet like ours.

The planet is named after the NASA mission that was launched in March 2009 to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars.

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