Hurts Donut comes out swinging

WICHITA, Kansas – After just a week and a half of business, Hurts Donut is breaking doughnut records according to owner Trista Patterson. With ingredients that include marshmallows from Lucky Charms to maple bacon to jalapenos, it’s not hard to see why.

The shop has over 19,000 likes on their Facebook page and with a consistent stream of customers coming in, the 24 hour doughnut shop thinks they’re well on their way to making history.

“The response has been insane,” said Patterson. “They’ve been coming just in herds every single day, dozen by dozen.”

How insane? Employees have had to make multiple trips to Kansas City to get their product and keep things stocked up to keep up with the demand.

Patterson says it all began through her friendship with the founders, Kas and Tim Clegg. From there, it only seemed natural to bring the first franchise location in to Wichita, KS.

The shop is located at 7010 W. 21st St., just east of 21st and Ridge.

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