Counterfeit money reported in Salina

Money (KSN File Photo)
Money (KSN File Photo)

SALINA, Kansas – Counterfeit money has been reported four times in Salina this week. The money has been passed at fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

“It’s a thing now with the high quality printers that people are being more bold about producing these and trying to pass them through these areas,” Captain Mike Sweeney of the Salina Police Department said.

Things to look for in a bill to make sure it is real is the watermark, security strip and shifting ink color. The feel and size of the bill are also important.

The Salina Police Department says that they see counterfeit money pass through the town at least once a week. Bills can be easily passed and Cpt. Sweeney says people should be extra vigilant about counterfeit bills.

Another good way to find out if money is real or not is to compare the bill to a real bill and compare the two.

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