Judge overrules Terry Blum’s motion to withdraw plea

UPDATE 11/11/15: WICHITA, Kansas — Following a KSN investigation in April, a Sedgwick Co. judge overruled a motion to withdraw a plea agreement.

The defendant in this case, Terry Edward Blum, was included in the KSN investigation into plea negotiations and sex crimes in Sedgwick County.

District Judge Christopher Magana, Division 9, heard the motion over a span of months. On Tuesday, Judge Magana overruled Blum’s motion to withdraw his plea.

Blum was 28 years old when he was initially charged with Aggravated Indecent Liberties with a Child.

In July, three witnesses were called to the stand to testify, including Blum, himself.

KSN Investigates: Sex crimes plea negotiations in Sedgwick County 

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