Starving puppy pulled from dumpster

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia (WAVY) — Portsmouth, Virginia police say PETA is offering up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of the person who threw a puppy away in a dumpster while it was still alive.

Among the debris in the dumpster he has been using to renovate his home on Median Court, George Theus said he noticed a yellow tarp that seemed out of place last Thursday. Beneath it, he found a two-pound puppy in a cage.

“When I raised myself up there, there was a puppy in there that I thought was a possum or some other kind of animal, and then when I assessed it, it was a little gray pit bull in a cage,” Theus said.

Photos: Pit Bull Puppy Found In Dumpster

Theus said he and another man pulled the cage out and called police. Officer Brenda Quintana was first at the scene.

“‘Dear Lord, look at that puppy.’ That’s all that just kept going through my mind,” she said.

“I was kind of crushed because I love dogs and stuff,” Theus said.

Animal control officers said the five to six-week-old blue-gray pit bull mix, they named Thia, was dehydrated and very thin. They don’t know who put her there or how long she had been in the dumpster, Quintana said.

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