‘Sharknado’ returns on Syfy

Two years ago, cable channel Syfy released a low-budget b-movie called “Sharknado.”

The viewing audience was small, but social media had a feeding frenzy.

So Syfy showed it again, and the audience grew. They showed it a third time and broke their own ratings record.

In 2014, makos took Manhattan for a sequel, and fears of the franchise jumping the shark disappeared as “Sharknado 2” nearly doubled the previous audience.

Now the forecast is calling for sharks again in “Sharknado 3.”

The movie opens in the nation’s capitol with Ian Ziering’s character receiving an award, but when the White House is hit by great whites, President Mark Cuban is locked and loaded.

The Dallas Mavericks owner is just one of many cameos in the film, including some NBC personalities.


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