City of Wichita updates response to flash flooding

WICHITA, Kansas – The City of Wichita on Wednesday responded to the flooding that occurred when a storm moved over the area on Tuesday.

Some parts of the city received four inches of rain.

Don Henry, a spokesman for Public Works & Utilities, says all streets are now open.

The west side was hardest hit, particularly in areas along west Maple.  A small number of streets were temporarily closed to allow flood water to recede.

While the storm water system ensures that the majority of rain events do not result in flash flooding, Henry said, it is impossible to eliminate all flash flooding all of the time.

“However, intense bands of heavy rain can sometimes overwhelm the system and lead to flash flooding,” Henry said. “The City has dozens of employees who inspect, maintain, and repair the drainage system throughout the year.  This includes maintenance of more than 68,000 drainage structures and 1,200 miles of storm water mains.

Meanwhile, the pumps at Towne West Mall were out due to a scheduled issue. Officials were able to get both pumps back up and online.  Parts of the mall

Wichita Police Department officials reminded motorists to proceed cautiously when there is a possibility of flash flooding; when there is standing water, please find an alternate route.

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