Armadillos being blamed for increase in leprosy in Florida

Florida Armadillo (Photo courtesy WFLA)

TAMPA, Fla. – Leprosy is popping up right now in Florida and armadillos may be the culprit.

There have been nine cases of the disease in the sunshine state so far this year.

Usually there are 10 in an entire year!

Armadillos are the only animals known to carry leprosy.

“Armadillos can carry Hansen’s disease, said Mike Spinola with All Pro Wildlife. “It is a form of Leprosy that can be given from armadillos to humans through direct skin contact or ingesting the food, people who handle them without proper care.”

Armadillos are usually nocturnal, but right now is breeding season in Florida, so seeing them during the day is more common.

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