McConnell Air Force Base, local recruiting offices not upgrading security after Chattanooga shooting

WICHITA, Kansas – Five people, including a gunman, are dead in Tennessee, after a shooting outside two military recruiting centers.

Any time something like this happens, there are immediate concerns across the country.

The Chief of Public Affairs with McConnell Air Force Base, Ashley Wright, says there is no need to ramp up security.

The reason being is that security is already tight on base.

Besides the Air Force base, McConnell is also home to the Naval Reserves and the Air Force Reserves.

However, unlike the reserve facility in Chattanooga, these are both located on the base and protected by a fence.

KSN did talk with the senior enlist leader with the Naval Reserve.

He says they will remain at the force protection condition bravo, which is what the nationwide threat conditions are currently, meaning extra caution in case of a terrorist threat.

KSN also reached out to the FBI for comment.

They tell us they will remain vigilant and that there will be no increase to the heightened terror threat that was tied to the July 4th holiday weekend.


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