Wichita police release photos of skimmer suspects

ATM skimmer suspect photos (Wichita Police Department photos)

WICHITA, Kansas – On Tuesday, Wichita police released photos of three people they say are suspected of attaching credit card skimmers to local bank ATM machines. Six skimmers are known to have been used in Wichita, and only one was intercepted by police since last week.

It has happened at Sunflower, Intrust, and Fidelity bank branches in Wichita.

Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the suspects. If you have any information about these people, please contact the Wichita Police Financial Crimes section at 316-268-4193 or email policeweb@wichita.gov or contact Crimestoppers at 267-2111.

Wichita police believe a group is traveling through the Midwest putting skimmers on the machines. They have been found in Kansas City, Salina, and Wichita.

Right now, officials are still trying to determine how many people are victims and an estimated loss.

In the future, banks are issuing cards that will use a chip instead of a magnetic strip so it is harder to counterfeit.

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