Shoppers are ready for Black Friday in July

It’s been deemed ‘Black Friday in July’, but the Thompson family isn’t singing Christmas Carols.

“No eggnog, nothing like that just the deals,” said Hamden’s Lawrence Thompson.

Tamara Thompson said, “There’s supposed to be a lot of good deals so it’s exciting.”

First, Amazon came out with Prime day for July 15th. Starting midnight tonight their prime customers – those who pay 99 dollars a year – will have access to thousands of deals including cameras, headphones, and computers. Amazon says new deals could pop up every ten minutes.

Then, just yesterday, Wal-mart said they’re offering thousands of deals online. Plus, they’re cutting shipping costs too. Experts say the winner out of this fight is the customer.

“As you have each side Amazon and Walmart fighting for your sales they’ll be giving you better deals,” said Professor Emeritus Quinnipiac University. Cadden says there are some stores it will hurt.

“It will be very difficult for a Target or a Kmart to initially to offer comparable deals,” said Cadden. “It also sometimes has an impact on some of the smaller and local retailers so inevitable we may just end up with two businesses.”

The Thompson’s aren’t ready for that, but they do say money talks.

“Everybody is trying to save a dollar so I mean if the brick and mortar stores like Target and Walmart can somewhat compete I’d rather walk in the store and actually buy the product instead of buying it online, but if there’s tremendous savings online I have to go to where the deals are,” said Lawrence.

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