Road buckles in Great Bend

Viewer photo of buckled road in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kan. – The high temperatures in the Great Bend area caused the city to shut down an intersection when the roadway buckled.

Buckled streets isn’t something you see every day, but when one of the main roads through town buckled, out came the orange traffic cones.Courtesy viewer Rachelle

When the mercury rises, so can the streets, and the pavement lifted up two feet in some places in Great Bend.

Donald Craig, the Great Bend public works director, said, “It can happen at any time.  As long as you have concrete streets, you’re going to have ‘blow-ups’ when the temperatures get up over 100 degrees, or even in the 90s.”

The god news, said Craig, is buckled pavement is an easy fix.

Thanks to the use of strong, quick-curing cement, Great Bend drivers were able to use the areas of streets the same day they were fixed.

“You only really use it in places where you need to get traffic back on that same day or the next day,” aid Craig.

Craig says such repairs are a priority, and that Great Bend’s street maintenance budget is well-funded.

Courtesy viewer Rac


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