Pleasant Hill School House, a look at education through history

DODGE CITY, Kansas – The Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame in Dodge City has been looking for a one room school house to add to their collection of educational history for more than three decades.  Last year, Jack and Ruby Warner donated the school they’d been looking for.

“It was located on the Hodgeman County line.1887 was when it was built, so we were thrilled to get this donation,” said President of the Hall of Fame Board, Kathy Frederking.

She says the Pleasant Hill School fulfills a longtime goal of the founders of the Hall of Fame.

“We hope that this school will be the legend of learning, that children will be able to come here and see history preserved and get to see what it was like for children of the past, and how important it was to them to learn and have an education and to see how fortunate they are today,” she said.

The school arrived in Dodge City in May of 2014 and restoration and redecorating finished up this summer.  Several local classes had the chance to see the school house before the end of the school year.

“They’re amazed, first of all they are surprised by the size, to think this was the whole school,” Frederking said of students’ reactions.

Everything inside the school house is of the period, from the desks to the books that line the shelves.

“We have electricity and air conditioning and things like that, but it’s hidden away so it doesn’t distract from the value of what the house would’ve looked like standing in the prairie years and years ago.”

They’ll continue to collect memorabilia to fit the school house, but are happy to finally have the school open to visitors.

“We’re still a work in progress.  We have so many people that have helped put this together, so it is a true dream come true that we’re getting there!”

The Pleasant Hill School House is open during regular hours of the Hall of Fame, click here for hours. 

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