Bethany College on Probation

Bethany College (KSN File Photo)

LINDSBORG, Kansas- Robert Vogel started his job as Bethany College’s interim president this week, and he’s got his work cut out for him with the college recently placed on probation.

“The accrediting association says now it’s acute, it’s not chronic anymore so fix it, and that’s what we’ll do,”said Vogel.

The problem with the college is how they’re handling their finances, often going into debt each year.

“If you don’t meet enrollment goals than you’re struggling to pay your bills that year so it’s been sort of a chronic problem, it comes and goes and comes and goes.” said Vogel.

The college has fourteen months to develop a plan to fix their finances and send it to the higher learning commission.

“We just have to demonstrate that we have these things in place, raise the money and pay our bills this year, which we are going to do and demonstrate that we’re a viable institution and sustainable into the future,”

Vogel says that Bethany College will have a plan to handle it’s finances in September and next year it will present that plan to the accrediting association.

“We’re going to look at everything, it may mean reallocation of resources, taking it from one place and putting it where we really need it this year.”

While the probation didn’t come as a surprise to Vogel, he says that they will have the problem fixed next year.

“The thing we’re absolutely committed to is making this an outstanding university for our students and that’s what we can do.”

Bethany College can come off of probation in 2017 if their finances are fixed and approved by the Higher Learning Commission.

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