Barton County Dealing with Budget Problems

GREAT BEND, Kansas- Barton County is having issues in the treasurer’s office again this year.

Last year the county’s bank rolls were not reconciled for a year and the treasurer was asked to resign, he didn’t and now there are more problems.

“It would be nice to get an audit performed timely, it would make everybody’s timing easier and it doesn’t just effect the county, it affects other entities as well,” said Barton County Administrator Richard Boeckman.

The treasurer’s office was supposed to start the tax reconciliations in January of this year but they didn’t get started until April which means the county’s audit will be done late again this year. Adding to the county’s problem, they’re $980,000 dollars short from low gas and oil valuations.

“It does pose a small problem for us but we have a fairly good idea of what we will be short and what kind of adjustments will need to be made to the budget,” said Barton County Commissioner Alicia Straub.

The county will get their final numbers late again this year and a budget must be done by August. Commissioners have already started to work on the budget, but it takes two to three weeks to complete after the final audit.

“It’s a challenging process, I think it’s all manageable,” said Boeckman.

The county hopes a final audit will be completed by the end of this month.

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