Topeka sperm donor submits court-ordered DNA sample

Sperm Donor William Marotta (Photo Courtesy Topeka Capitol-Journal)

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – A Topeka man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple has submitted a DNA sample at the order of a court seeking to determine if he’s their child’s biological father.

Shawnee County District Judge Mary Mattivi earlier issued orders for William Marotta to submit DNA. Kansas wants Marotta declared the father so he can be forced to pay child support. The state started pursuing the case in 2012 after the couple split up and one of the women applied for state health insurance for the child. Marotta claims he signed a contract waiving his parental responsibilities.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports he took the DNA test Friday.

Mattivi ordered the test results sealed while the Kansas Supreme Court resolves a motion Marotta’s attorney filed asking for steps that include replacing Mattivi.

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