Mexicans can take out their frustrations with Trump on a pinata

Donald Trump Pinata (Photo courtesy of NBC)

REYNOSA, Mexico – A Mexican craftsman has created a pinata in the image of billionaire Donald Trump that will give people there an opportunity to vent their frustrations against the billionaire.

He made the pinata just days after Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals to live in the United States.

Of course, a pinata is a paper mache figure that people can stuff with candy and beat with a stick.

And Dalton Ramirez says his anger over the remarks during Trump’s announcement of a run for president motivated him to design a pinata in “The Donald’s” image.

Ramirez works at his family’s pinata shop in the Mexican border city of Reynosa.

When Trump announced his presidential bid, he said Mexico was not a friend of the United States, describing Mexican migrants to the country as drug-runners, criminals and rapists.

Ramirez said the billionaire’s words took aim at a group of people who are essentially voiceless and subject to discrimination and human rights violations.

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