Man accused of setting fire to dog makes court appearance

A photo of Cocoa the dog who was set on fire by a man in North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – A man accused of setting fire to a dog in Fayetteville, North Carolina appeared before a judge on Wednesday.

James Quick was rather matter-of-fact about his appearance in front of District Court Judge Lou Olivera. He told the judge he planned on representing himself and didn’t didn’t know why everybody was making a big fuss over a dog.

Quick also wanted to know what proof the court had that he committed the crime.

Quick is accused of putting lighter fluid on a dog named Cocoa, Sunday and setting her on fire. Olivera was not amused.

Neither was the assistant district attorney. He told the judge Quick is a gang member who threatened to kill the dog’s owner and her eight-year-old son if she took the matter to court.

The assistant district attorney requested Quick’s bond be raised to $250,000.  The judge complied.

The dog’s owner, Dominique Clark, said outside the court she glad Quick’s bond was raised, but she still is afraid of retaliation. She didn’t want us to show her face on camera.

A check of Cocoa Wednesday afternoon at the Cape Fear Animal Hospital showed the dog is still very sick.

Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Morgan said, “She is not really wanting to eat on her own quite yet, but our veterinary nurses are amazing and very persuasive. So, with some cuddles, and a little assisted feeding, we’re getting some nutrients in her, which is important for healing.”

Doctor Morgan says her medical supplier heard about the story and is providing the burn treatment medicine for the dog free.

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