Marijuana advocate Banda surrenders at Finney County jail

Shona Banda (KSN File Photo)

GARDEN CITY, Kansas –  Medical marijuana advocate Shona Banda was processed through Finney County Jail Monday afternoon, but she won’t stay long.

“Her bond was set at $50,000, that bond will be posted thanks to the donations that came in,” said her attorney Sarah Swain.

Banda caught national attention back in March when a comment her son made at school about medical marijuana led police to search her home.  Banda wasn’t charged until earlier this month, but she did lose custody of her son.

“He is still in state custody,” Swain confirmed.

On Monday, a petition was presented to show the support Banda has gotten.

“More than 140,000 people from all 50 states, from 212 countries who are standing with Shona,” said Chris Burley with Care2, Inc., a group that supports cases like Banda’s.

Petitioners and her attorney hoping to keep Banda out of prison and with her son, but also hoping to accomplish more.

“This issue is bigger, it’s bigger than this case and we are going to continue to build on the momentum that we already have.”

Swain said her goal is to have marijuana rescheduled from a schedule one drug, which would open up more avenues for medical use.

The Finney County Attorney says she’ll continue to strive to serve the public by enforcing the laws as written within the state, and advocate or not marijuana is illegal in Kansas.

Banda will make her first court appearance on Tuesday morning.

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