Wizards marry in protest of Westboro Baptist Church

TOPEKA, Kansas (KSNT) – Contrary to a typical white wedding, on Sunday people gathered to witness a wizard wedding, where two beloved fictional characters tied the knot.

“It was really magical. You could really feel the love in the air. I think that love is the most powerful magic we have. Even with two great wizards joined together I think that love has increased a hundred fold,” Cray the Black Beard,” a wedding participant said.

This spellbinding wedding between Harry Potter’s Dumbledore, and Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Gandalf stems from Ireland’s decision to legalize same-sex marriages. “Harry Potter” author “J-K-Rowling” showed her support, and Topeka’s “Westboro Baptist Church” sent a tweet criticizing her.

That caught the attention of the “Equality House” the pro-gay organization across the street from the church. So they decided to throw a same-sex wedding for two of the greatest wizards.

“Younger people in the church will see a positive message over here and realize they are on the wrong side of the street.” Davis Hemmat, Director of Operations Planning Peace said.

Now together one ring will rule them all, but through all celebrations there was one group watching from the street, keeping the attention away from the neighbors.

“It’s supposed to be a magical day, they don’t need to be seeing this, so we come out with the flags hung the right way,” Brook Barger with Journey for Justice said.

Westboro Baptist Church didn’t show up to picket the wedding, they did show their disapproval in their typical way.

“They this morning were putting up some extra signs for us today as they’ve done in past events,” Hemmat said.

But no spell or curse could make this love disappear, even if might be all fictional the message of love seen on the front love of the Equality House is very real.

Instead of wedding gifts, the Equality house asked for money to be donated. They say they plan on using the funds to challenge the message of the Westboro Baptist Church.

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