Repairs made to Tornado siren in Great Bend

GREAT BEND, Kansas – A tornado siren at 5th and Chestnut streets failed the last two siren tests.

The siren failed the first time on May 26th and again on June 2nd. The city of Great Bend has a policy that says after a siren fails two times in a row that it will need to be looked at and repaired.

The city tests the sirens at noon every Tuesday. New sirens were installed in Great Bend in 2009, the siren on 5th and Chestnut is the first one to break down since being installed.

When a siren does fail, the police department has a policy in place to warn residents if a tornado warning is issued.

“We have one that’s out of service, and we try to educate the people in that neighborhood and then if we would come under a tornado warning later by the National Weather service for whatever reason we have to option to run a predesignated alert route,” said Cpt. Bob Robinson of the Great Bend Police Department.

The other sirens are due to be looked at for regular maintenance in the near future.

The siren was repaired at 3:30 on Monday afternoon. The city will do a test on Tuesday to make sure the siren works.

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