Temporary traffic signal will be installed near new Costco

WICHITA, Kansas – If you’ve ever driven East Kellogg during rush hour, you’ve seen the kind of mess it can become. Specifically, Kellogg and Webb.

There’s a lot of traffic coming through here from the turnpike interchange and there’s a lot of businesses nearby. The major one is Textron, Hawker Beechcraft.

Starting Wednesday Costco will be added to the mix and, that could make an even bigger mess.

One Wichita city council member told me this intersection East Kellogg and Webb Road see about 70,000 cars a day.

The city expects to see more with Costco opening up. That will bring in a lot of customers for this area, but it could be a major traffic hazard with only one way to enter Costco and that’s through Webb Road.

“This corner is very bad. We haven’t even started Kellogg yet and now that Costco is opening, they never put a stop light by the post office,” said Grove’s Liquor Store Manager Barbara Dickerson. “So I don’t know how it’s going to be. It’s going to be bad.”

An intersection known for bad accidents has one local store worried about increased traffic, with Costco’s grand opening.

“It’s going to be great, but it’s going to be really bad because where the intersection is to go into their store,” Dickerson said. “That’s where the post office is and they already have wreck’s there because people try to cross the lanes.”

Wichita city officials are aware of the high traffic volume, which they say is one of the reasons for the expansion of East Kellogg.

The city is working with the state to combine the Webb, Greenwich and K-96 projects, taking what would have been separate funds and pooling them together, improving the interchanges.

“With all that traffic, between Kellogg and the at great intersections, you introduce the opportunity for accidents every time so that’s why we separate those, that’s why we’ve done it there and that’s why we’ll continue to do it going east from there,” said Public Works & Utility Assistant Director Gary Janzen.

Janzen says they plan to install a temporary stop light at Webb but not in time for the opening.

“The last time we talked to them, they are going to have security out there. They are going to have people out there helping with traffic control,” Janzen said.

But one driver says he’ll wait for the rush to die down before he adventures into Costco because of high traffic volume at Kellogg and Webb Road.

“I’ve shopped at Costco in other cities. I think they’re a good competitor of Sam’s Club. I don’t know if I’ll make any changes, but I’ll certainly check it out,” said driver Randall Whittaker. “I probably won’t be one of the 70,000 in line to take a look, but I’m pleased they’re here.”

Grove’s Liquor Store says they’re excited Costco is here to because that will bring in a lot of business for them. We did try to reach out to Costco to ask them about their traffic control for Wednesday, but they did not get back to us in time for air.

City officials say they hope to have construction at Kellogg and Webb Road completed by 2019.


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