Big Pool opens after extensive repairs

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – The piping underneath the Garden City Big Pool was nearly 70 years old by the time it was ripped out.

“They were corroded they were full of gunk, just what you would expect to find in a pipe from 1947,” said Aquatics Director at the Big Pool Monica Colburn.

Poor circulation caused a serious algae problem and the 31 million gallons used to fill the 2.3 million gallon space was an unnecessary use of a valuable resource.

“We’re very conscientious with water management, we want to be good stewards of our resource,” said Mayor Janet Doll.

In all the Garden City Commission approved about $200,000 in repairs from the city’s capital improvement fund.

“Quality of life is important to us.  We want our citizens to enjoy things that we have here for them to take part in,” Doll said of their decision to approve the repairs.

But did those taxpayer dollars fix the problem?  Because leaks can be so difficult to find and fix they went ahead and filled the pool and they’ll monitor it throughout the season to see if the repairs were successful.

There is a chance that the Commission will have to approve more repairs at the end of this season, but Colburn said they’ve seen excellent circulation and will continue to pay close attention to water use to find any leaks.

“Even with a brand new pool there are always things that need taken care of with the pool and it’s always unexpected,” she said.

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