Couple gets a special welcome home from their Honor Flight

WICHITA, Kansas – Another Honor Flight returned from Washington on Friday. On it were a pair of Korean War veterans, Erma Harlan and her husband Glen. Both took the flight together.

“The Honor Flight itself was just really spectacular. It was awesome,” said Erma.

“That was something else,” said Glen.

Erma and Glen both served in the Korean War, but Erma was in the navy and Glen was in the army. They didn’t meet until several years later.

“I just think it was neat that they could share that together, you don’t see that very often. And they both really enjoyed it, I could tell,” said Audrey Maxwell, Honor Flight Guardian.

Erma said the best part of the trip was when buses full of kids showed up at the memorials.

“Little kids, you wouldn’t really think that they would know what was going on or had any idea of what a veteran had done, but then, they thank you for making our country safe.”

Erma’s son said it was the trip of lifetime for his mom.

“I’m really proud of her.  It was something that she was looking forward to and I just seen the enjoyment on her face. To honor all the vets, I think it’s cool,” said Larry Strobel, Erma’s son.

It was the last Honor Flight at the old terminal of Eisenhower National Airport.

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