Sandbags available to residents of Marquette

MARQUETTE, Kansas – McPherson County Emergency Management says sandbags are now available to the residents of Marquette. The sandbags can be picked up at the city building.

Officials there are concerned about more rain in the coming days and what it could do to the Smokey Hill River.

“The ground’s saturated, so if we get any rain at all, it’s going to be running off, that’s going to cause problems,” said Darrin Frazier, McPherson County Emergency Manager.

Emergency management says 12,000 sandbags are available, and groups have volunteered to fill them up.

“They have sand piles already put up there where they can get that from,” added Frazier.

In the meantime, residents continue to clean up water damage.

Sandbags can be picked up at the Marquette City Office or the McPherson County Emergency Management.



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