Cowley County dealing with flooding problems

DEXTER, Kansas – Flooding is really take a toll in Cowley County, especially in the towns of Winfield and Dexter. The entire town of Dexter is running on a generator provided by the city of Winfield. It is the only thing keeping the power on for the town’s 250 people.

“The city of Winfield owns two of these rigs themselves. They tell me it’s about 1.25 megawatts in power, and they’re using about one-quarter of this generator capacity just to run this small town,” said Brian Stone, Cowley County Emergency Management Director.

The generator is in use because debris from high waters snapped a power pole causing everyone to lose power on Sunday.

“Two of those poles were in an area where the creek did flood, and it damaged one of those poles that caused one of the power lines to snap. Unfortunately, it was in a six to eight feet of water and the city could not actually get to that.”

The city of Winfield helped Dexter in their time of need, but they also have battles ahead of them and possible flooding from the Walnut River at the Winfield fairgrounds.

“We’ll monitor the rainfalls where they occur. We monitor the stream gauges in Augusta and El Dorado in the Walnut bus stream,” said Warren Porter, Winfield City Manager.

“It typically runs around a four-foot level on a day-to-day basis. It’s gotten to about 23 I believe, which puts it right where we’re standing now,” said Brian Stone.

Campers at the Winfield fairground are also being cautious about the river.

“Keep an eye on the water, if you can find a marker on the shore when you watch the water coming up. Just be safe,” said Chris Lewis Winfield fairground camper.

Cowley County Emergency Management says once when the water recedes, the city will come out and do a quick damage assessment and check conditions of the roads and buildings.

Right now, they can’t say how much damage has been done because they’re still assessing the area.

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