Family takes shelter moments before tornado

ENSIGN, Kansas – The National Weather Service says a super cell storm swept across western Kansas, spawning at least one tornado Sunday night. It damaged one home, a wind turbine, and several power lines near Ensign.

Daniel Wilson, a fire chief in southwest Kansas, was surveying the storm when a tornado hit his home with his wife and kids inside.

Tornado damage (Photo Courtesy: Ashley Arnold)

“Call it fortunate, but I feel that God was watching over us. There’s no question about it. I mean, for the winds to have come through here and to have done the damage that it did, and everybody to walk away just a little rattled and shaken? Yeah, we’ll make it.”

Stuck inside the home during the storm was Wilson’s wife and three sons ages 5, 4, and 8 months.

His wife says as soon as they got in the basement, the storm hit. It was a stroke of luck that she was even able to get in contact with her husband so quickly.

“Her cell phone didn’t have any service at the time, she was down in the basement, she just happened to have my radio with her because she had been listening to what was going on.”

Now downed trees, shattered windows, and broken signs litter the area around the home.

Tornado damage (Photo Courtesy: Ashley Arnold)

“My family is safe, we’re all healthy and came out of it alright. We’ll rebuild the house or whatever, the house ain’t a concern to me.”

Neighbors, friends, family members, even strangers came out Monday to help the family.

For the immediate future, the question is where they will stay.

“Right now, we’ve just got so many people here to help, you know, like I said, my family’s safe, we’re all healthy, I don’t need nothing else.”

Here is a listing of the storm reports from the National Weather Service in Dodge City.

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