State park attendance numbers rebound on Sunday, still lower than expected

CHENEY, Kansas – Rainfall over the weekend making it rough for those planning to spend it outdoors.

The sparse attendance at campgrounds across Kansas is impacting those expecting an abundance of visitors.

Sandra Schrader, her family, and friends have been coming to this same spot at Cheney State Park on Memorial Day weekend for 27 years.

“Yesterday, it was vacant, it was terrible for a Memorial Day weekend,” said Schrader.

Something Schrader says she’s never seen before.

“We’ve had RV’s that have been stuck and dug out and stuff, but no, this was the first year that everybody just cleared out completely,” said Schrader.

Park Ranger Stephen Schaffer says weather is the main factor to the decreased crowds.

“There was obviously some lightning with that storm, nothing severe yesterday, just torrential rains and as that began to come in people began to leave,” said Schaffer.

Schaffer says some campsites still looked bare on Sunday and the same could be said for the parks boat launches and lakes.

“I don’t have specific numbers at this time, compared to the previous seasons out here I can tell you that it’s down considerably and I think it’s primarily based on the weather,” said Schaffer.

Schaffer says more people made it out Sunday and bigger crowds could come Monday.

Even if the weather cooperates, Schaffer says that won’t bring their numbers back up to expectations.

As for Schrader and her group of campers, they’ve braved the wet weather thus far and plan on continuing their longtime tradition for the rest of the holiday weekend.

“Like I said this morning, the sun is shining, it’s not raining it’s a good day,” said Schrader.

For those still wanting to enjoy the holiday weekend, parks will be open across Kansas all day tomorrow.



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