Wilson Lake at Lowest Record Level

Fishing (KSN File Photo)

WILSON, Kansas- The wet weather this weekend may be spoiling some holiday plans for some, but our recent rains haven’t been enough to restore water levels at one Kansas lake.
The drought has left Wilson Lake at very low levels.

“This is the lowest we’ve been ever, at 8.5 or eight and a half feet low,” said Willis Ohl, Wilson State Park Manager.

That’s not stopping people from filling campgrounds and fishing boats memorial day weekend.

“We’re planning on staying warm and dry but we do a lot of boarding, skiing, wakeboarding,” said Keri Suppes. She and her family came to Wilson Lake to start their weekend early, but camp officials say they’ll have to be careful.

“The closer you get to shore the more careful you’ll have to be, you’re going to have to slow your boats down when you get closer to shore because some of those land islands that are out there that you may not see that may be just below the water so you’ll have to be careful and watch for those,” said Ohl.

The water level is so low that one of the docks had to be moved and attached to another dock so boaters could have access to the lake.

“We try to be really careful, we don’t want anybody to get hurt, and we’ve know the lake our whole lives and that helps a little bit but we still proceed with caution,” said Suppes.

One bright spot, the low levels of the lake and cool weather haven’t kept the fish from biting.

“Right now fishing from what everybody’s told me is actually fishing’s pretty good this weekend, and for the last couple of weeks and is still going good, catching a lot of walleye and wiper,” said Ohl.

Leaving something left to catch, this holiday weekend.

Wilson Lake Park Manager Willis Ohl says that rain is needed north of the lake to fill up the river basin and push water levels up.

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