Four day weekend, and no $406 Million found.

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TOPEKA, Ks. — Lawmakers are taking four days off. But some are still talking to each other on their time off, trying to cut a deal to fix the Kansas Budget gap of $406 Million.

“The legislature is getting frustrated because we know that the citizens of Kansas are getting frustrated,” says Republican Senator Michael O’Donnell of Wichita. “They elected us to do a job. People are never going to agree with their representative and senator 100-percent of the time. And so, we have to lead. We ran for the job, we asked for the job. And now it’s time for us to do it.”

“Listening to see where the other senators are coming from,” says Democrat Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita. “We all have different opinions at this time. I don’t think, we’re not even close to compromising at this time. I think there’s going to be some negotiating going on.”

The tax questions remain a sticking point in the Senate. Some want to raise the sales tax, while other want sales tax on food to drop.
In the house of representatives, they are still talking about doing away with some of the tax breaks in 2012.

“When we get back… we will be down to single digit days that we will be in Topeka,” says O’Donnell. “It could be nine. Could be three. But we are getting to the point the public pressure is mounting and we don’t have a lot more time to press this without gaining some traction. The legislation is getting frustrated because we know the citizens of Kansas are getting frustrated.”

Lawmakers get back to work on Tuesday, after the holiday.

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