Skyline superintendent to resign due to budget cuts

PRATT, Kansas – Students who attend Skyline School in Pratt will see s new superintendent next year. That’s because their current superintendent will resign from his position June 30th.

We went to the school to find out why.

It’s dead silent in the hallways of Skyline Schools. That’s because students have been let out for the summer. They were let out Tuesday, but they were supposed to be let out today. That’s all because of school budget cuts.

That’s not the only thing affecting School District USD 438. Their superintendent is resigning from his position.

“For me, it’s an honor to be able to save expenditures and help also keep those cuts away from the classroom,” said Skyline Superintendent Mike Sanders. “Because that’s what this is about, is to keep those things away from our kids.”

Cutting his own position was something that Sanders decided to do, he says, for the students.

His decision put $81,000 back into their general fund.

“That’s also going to help minimize any future cuts that’s could reach into the classroom,” Sanders said. “We’ve already evaluated cuts into next year.”

It was a mutual agreement between the Skyline  Board of Education and Sanders to cut his job, but they did try to think of other options for him.

“We had some plans in place that I was going to go part-time next year and do some consulting at Asdak, up in Hutchinson. Serve a center for our school district and others in this area,” said Sanders.

But he’s not the only one losing a job. Those positions being cut will be felt by the students.

“We have also cut our counselor, we have cut a full-time music teacher, half-time P.E. teacher,” Sanders said “There are roughly, last time I counted, 18 people that are being reassigned, reducing their hours or being cut.”

He says that while those cuts save about $467,000 for their school district, the state should expect to see more extreme measures like this.

“I grew up in this area, from Atica, taught at Conway Springs, principal at Argonna, south central boy,” Sanders said. “I’m a Kansan too. If this is all about job growth in Kansas, well they have just allowed a Kansan to lose their job.”

For now, he’s searching for another position.

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