Kansas House to vote on bill moving local elections to fall

Vote Here Sign (KSN File Photo)

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) – The Kansas House has postponed a vote on a measure that would move local elections to the fall of odd-numbered years.

The House had expected to consider the measure Thursday but delayed action until next week.

The Senate voted 22-13 on Wednesday to approve the measure, which also would cancel the state’s presidential primaries. Legislators have canceled the past five primaries because of their cost, opting for caucuses funded by the Republican and Democratic parties.

The bill also would bar general election candidates from dropping out of a race unless experiencing “severe medical hardship.”

Critics of the bill have said they worry it would force elected school board members to take office in the middle of fiscal years, which could disrupt the budgeting process.

Supporters say the bill will boost turnout in local races.

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