Engineers begin inspecting women’s recovery center after ceiling collapse

WICHITA, Kansas – A partial ceiling collapse happened late Wednesday in the 1300 block of West May at the DCCCA Women’s Recovery Center.

Fire crews were dispatched to the area just after 9:30 p.m. after receiving a 911 call from those at the facility,

DCCCA officals say there were about 25 women in the room at the time attending a group meeting, when the 15-by-30 part of the ceiling came crashing down.

“It is believed the cause of the collapse was a water leak in the roof that collected in the area of the laden plaster ceiling, until the weight caused it to collapse,” said Lt. James Espinoza, Wichita Police Department.

The collapse injured 10 women who were inside the room at the time.

They were all transported to area hospitals, nine of the ten have since been released.

Facility officials and first responders did stay on scene for a couple hours.

“The Wichita Fire Department Technical Rescue Team assessed the buildings integrity, and we’re able to stabilize the building,” said Lt. Espinoza.

KSN spoke with the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator of DCCCA, Chrissy Mayer.

Mayer says Thursday that operations staff had assessed the rest of the facility.

Mayer added that structural engineers have launched their comprehensive inspection into the building, it is unknown how long that inspection process will take.

However, none of the treatment services are being affected.

Mayer says once the inspection process is complete, the treatment facility will release more information into this incident.

Police say right now, there is no cost estimate on how much damage was done to the multi-purpose room of the facility.


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