Bull breaks into couple’s bedroom

LAMESA, Texas (KCBD) – A Texas high school principal and his wife were shocked to find an intruder in their bedroom Saturday.

“It was the most startling thing I’ve ever experienced,” Lamesa High School Principal Chris Riggins says.

Riggins and his wife were sound asleep when they heard a loud noise around midnight Saturday.

“We look up and in the bedroom at the foot of our bed there is a bull busting through our door and coming into our room,” Riggins recalls.

The bull then veered into the Riggins’ bathroom where it stayed for about 20 minutes, until it meandered out the same door it came in. That’s when Riggins called 9-1-1

“This is going to sound really stupid, but we need to report that there was a cow that got into our house,” Riggins told the dispatcher.

After a pause, the dispatcher said “Okay Mr. Riggins that’s not a life threatening emergency, can you call me on my administrative line?”

Knowing how his story sounded, Riggins wasn’t surprised by the reaction of responding deputies. “They told us they figured it was somebody drunk calling,” Riggins said laughing.

But, with picture proof, deputies documented the sobering details. “He didn’t do near as much damage as he could have done; poked a little hole in the wall; the doors weren’t even tore up real bad,” Riggins said.

Riggins suspects the bull came from a pasture down the road, but says the experience is just part of country living.

“We love where we’re at; we love being in Lamesa, and it’s going to take a whole lot more than a bull for us to want to go anywhere else,” Riggins said.

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